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Otley Band Baht'at

Otley Brass Band is on a mission. Following the shock realisation that the famous “Yorkshire Anthem” – On Ilka Moor Baht ‘at was apparently unknown by the children of the lower Wharfe Valley!

The mission is to re-introduce the song into the hearts and minds of our young people, to teach them the words and the music.

So dedicated to this cause is the band, that funds have been secured through a kind donation from the “Friends of Ilkley Music Centre” to commission a Brass Band and Children’s Choral version of this musical icon of Yorkshire.

Conductor of Otley Band and local brass teacher – Gordon Eddison first expressed his growing concern at this situation to the band last year and throughout this year “informal research” has been done at concerts and in the schools in which Gordon teaches and the results range from No knowledge at all to in one case a question “Did Muse record it”?

Gordon commented “This cannot go on. We owe it to our Yorkshire Heritage to preserve this song in the minds of our young people and not let it be relegated to words on a novelty tea-towel”......”Singing is vital to our children’s musical and social education, parents and grandparents should immediately put this right, teach them to sing On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at now”!

The history of Yorkshire/Lancashire rivalry has been put aside temporarily,  as David Lancaster a famous LANCASTRIAN brass band composer and arranger has worked his Lancashire cotton socks off to compose a special arrangement of the piece for Otley Band.

This piece will be performed at a grand concert in the Ilkley King’s Hall in the evening of Saturday 19th November and will feature Otley Band, Wharfe Brass, and hopefully a massed choir of local school children performing the new “Festival Arrangement”.

Concerned Parents and Grandparents can access the words of the song to start putting things right by visiting the Baht'at Information Page HERE

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